January Fly of the Month – X Caddis

The X Caddis is an easy-to-tie dry fly that is buoyant enough to support the nymph of your choice in a dry/dropper rig.  Thanks to guest fly tier Jay Aylward, The Homemade Angler,  for demonstrating the tie.  The recipe for the fly and variation follows:

X-Caddis (brown):
Standard dry fly hook
6/0 brown thread
carded or spooled antron brown
bleached or natural elk hair

Jay’s variation: The  Ex-Caddis Egg Layer:
standard dry fly hook
6/0 thread
carded or spooled antron
ice dub or antron dub bright green
bleached or natural elk hair
barred medium rubber legs

About Jay Aylward:

Jay Aylward of The Handmade Angler is a custom fly tier and field ecologist. Captivated by flowing waters. Inspired by Schwiebert, Whitlock, and Waller. Trained by: Brookies, Browns, Bows, Bulls, and Cutties. Tempered by spring snows, summer thunder storms, and fall frosts.

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Guest Fly Tier off the month, Jay Aylward.