Economic Impact  of Fly Fishing on the Deerfield River

Our chapter seeks to demonstrate the positive regional economic impact of fly fishing the Deerfield River.  In addition we are gathering information from anglers to inform our chapter’s conservation initiatives.  To this end, we are encouraging anglers to complete the questionnaire below .  This data will be shared in aggregate with legislators, business owners, environmentalists, regional planners and others in an effort to advance conservation and improve conditions for trout and anglers on the river.

Deerfield River Fly Fishing Questionaire

Angling Date(s):*
Angler's Town/City and State:*
1. How did you hear about the fly fishing opportunities on the Deerfield River?*
Which article?
Which fishing/outdoors show?
Which website?
2. What prompted you to fly fish the Deerfield River? (Check all that apply)*
What prompted you?
3. How often did you fish the Deerfield River within the past year?*
4. How was your fishing and overall experience?*
5. Would you recommend the Deerfield River as a fishing destination to your friends?*
6. How would you rate the local guides?
7. How would you rate the local Fly Shops?
8. Where did you stay while fishing the Deerfield River?*
9. Where did you dine while visiting and fishing the Deerfield River?*
10. What could be done to make a Deerfield River fly fishing trip better? (Check all that apply)*
What could be done?
11. Should the Deerfield River Watershed Chapter of Trout Unlimited pursue any of the following initiatives? (Check all that apply)*
Your suggestion for the Chapter
12. Approximately how much did you spend on your fly fishing trip including food, lodging, fishing supplies, etc?*
13. Approximately how much money have you spent fishing the Deerfield over the past year?*

If you have comments or suggestions about this survey, or would like to expand on any of your responses, please submit your ideas  through our Contact/Donate link in the top navigation bar above.