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Telemetry Study Update

Despite Covid 19, our Trout Telemetry study continues through the efforts of one of our newest board members, Kevin Kaminsky. Kevin has been making 2-4 trips up and down the river every week to ensure that our data is uninterrupted. If you’d like to check on up-to-date information about the movements of our 29 tagged brown trout, click here. We are hoping to get our cadre of volunteers back on task soon. Watch this space for more info.

Data plotted on a map of the upper C&R section based upon a trial run of the mobile telemetry receiver, reveals the location of 30 brown trout with newly implanted transmitters.

Telemetry Study Suspended

The following is an email message to telemetry study volunteers from Mike Vito, Chapter President:
As Governor Charlie Baker is  now advising for people to “shelter in place” we will postpone our telemetry study starting today (March 23rd)  until April 7th, following the governor’s timeline. I also spoke with a USGS biologist we are working with on this project and they are also suspending all of their own field activities in light of COVID-19. While our own study, being done one volunteer at a time, poses little threat;  I would rather be safe than sorry. The biologist also told me that the most recent data he looked at (last week) shows that the fish are still holding in place, likely due to the cold water temperatures. We have plenty of data already collected and with little fish movement expected over the next two weeks, we probably won’t miss any sudden mobility from the fish. . 
I’m sorry for any inconvenience but health and safety have to come first. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. I will be working on a new schedule that will resume (hopefully) on April 7th. I will send it out the first week in April. Stay safe and healthy everyone, and I will be in touch soon. And again, any questions please send them my way. 
Mike Vito

2020 Annual Dinner Sold Out!

Ted Castro Santos will discuss the ongoing Trout Telemetry Study at DRWTU’s Annual Dinner at the Deerfield Inn on February 22, 2020.

Thanks everybody for your support – sold out with half a week to go!
This year the Deerfield River Watershed Trout Unlimited Annual Dinner will be held at the Deerfield Inn in historic Deerfield on February 22. Tickets can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets by clicking here. Tickets @ $40.00 per person include hors d’oeuvres, three course meal and an after dinner presentation on the ongoing Trout Telemetry Study by Ted Castro Santos and Matt O’Donnell – our partners from the USGS Silvio Conte Anadramous Fish Laboratory. There will be a raffle as well as an auction, and a cash bar will be available. This is a great opportunity to support the Chapter, learn about this exciting study, catch up with fishing buddies, win some valuable fishing and non-fishing related items, and acknowledge the conservation efforts of a remarkable individual.

We’ll be presenting the DRWTU Conservation Award to Polly Bartlett, who has worked tirelessly on conservation in the area. Polly has been active in conservation for over 50 years. She founded the Deerfield River Watershed Association in the 90’s.

Seating is limited to 60 people and we are pleased to announce – we sold them all and then some!