Proposals To Mass Fish & Wildlife

  • DRWTU  is recommending that during the hot summer months of July and August, Mass Fish and Wildlife adopt no fishing zones within 100 feet from the mouths of posted cold-water tributaries: Pelham Brook, Cold River, Chickley River, Avery Brook, Clesson Brook, etc. In many summer months, the mouths of cold-water tributaries offer trout sanctuary from rising temperatures in the river’s mainstem. Schools of vulnerable, relief-seeking trout often congregate near or at the mouths of colder-water tributaries and could become severely stressed from fishing pressure.
  • DRWTU is also recommending that all “Power Baits” should be considered live bait. Power Baits are manufactured specifically with customized scents to attract fish, the same as live bait and chum. If adopted by Mass Fish & Wildlife, Power Baits will be banned in sections of the Deerfield where live bait use is banned .