Hydrologic Oddities of the Deerfield River: Video Available

Brian Yellen, research professor in the geosciences department at UMass Amherst will talk about the unique hydrology of the Deerfield at our May 20th meeting.

At our Chapter Meeting over Zoom on Thursday, May 20, 2021, our guest speaker, Brian Yellen, shed new light on the river we all thought we knew. Every river is different, and every river changes from day to day. This talk highlighted two oddities of the Deerfield River. First, we looked at how the river’s rapidly changing water levels alter its subsurface hydrology. Second, we examined the extent of erosion in the Deerfield River Watershed during Hurricane Irene flooding (2011) and saw that it was a lot more than one might have expected given the amount of precipitation.

Brian Yellen is a research professor in the geosciences department at UMass Amherst. He focuses on earth surface processes, mostly how water and sediment slosh around different environments. He studies dam impacts, dam removals, erosion, and tidal marshes. 

You can view the Zoom recording of the presentation here: