Interim Spawning Study Report and Letter to FERC

As co-chair of the DRWTU Conservation Committee, Kevin Parsons has submitted a letter along with the interim report from the second year’s spawning study on the Deerfield River to the Federal Energy Resource Commission. Click Here to see Parsons Letter.


This committee manages communication with chapter members and the general public through the chapter’s website and Facebook page. The committee developes and circulates informational fliers that focus on the chapter’s conservation activities and reviewing or implementing the chapter’s master plan. Contact Person:  Bill Obear –

Trout Action

This committee has the responsibility of working closely with business organizations and local and state officials in the long-term development of the Deerfield River Watershed as a prime New England blue ribbon trout fishing resource. Current initiatives include: Conducting an economic impact survey of fly anglers utilizing local guide services. Working with the Environmental Police … Continue reading Trout Action


This committee is charged with helping to initiate and follow through with all activities related to the improvement of the Deerfield River Watershed as a cold- water fishery. Some of this committee’s activities involve communication and dialogue with state and federal officials, as well as other New England TU chapters. Other activities are more hands … Continue reading Conservation

Fundraising / Treasurer

This committee is responsible for raising funds for the chapter’s various conservation and trout action activities. Besides enlisting the financial support of potential donors, committee members are also responsible for the planning of annual fundraising events including the Single Fly and Annual Meeting. The DRWTU treasurer is responsible for the day to day fiscal activities … Continue reading Fundraising / Treasurer


This committee is responsible for keeping an updated list of DRWTU members and their contact information; assisting TU national with membership renewals (if needed) and implementing the chapter’s mentoring program for all new members. The mentoring program is an enhanced effort by the DRWTU chapter to assist new members in becoming familiar with the chapter’s … Continue reading Membership