Environmental Police Contact

Much can be said about the enforcement of fishing regulations on the Deerfield River. Suffice it to say that the reprehensible of act of violating fishing regulations is alive and well on our namesake river. Whether it be keeping fish caught in the catch and release areas, keeping undersized fish, and in some cases dramatically exceeding daily catch and possession limits, these violators seem to have absolutely a total disregard of the purpose of fish and game laws.

In an effort to deter fishing regulation violators, the DRWTU chapter is beginning to work with both Mass Fish & Game and the Mass Environmental Police to help solve the problem. Local TU members, as well as others, will be asked to be aware of any suspicious fishing activities and report these activities to the Environmental Police (1-800-632-8075). Using  your cell phone to take a picture of the offending angler’s license plate is encouraged in situations that seem particularly offensive – such as a cooler full of trout. The link below   on the Mass Environmental Police website is also a vital tool for reporting violations. Our collective eyes, ears and actions should have a positive effect on minimizing fishing regulation violations.  Our hope is the word will get out that  “poachers” are being watched and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Click here to go to the Environmental Police website.