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Our Mission & Board

Our Mission

To protect the Deerfield River and its watershed in Massachusetts, with diverse community partners, and to enhance wild and native trout habitat for future generations through science-based conservation and education.

Our Board

Eric Halloran – President

Eric is a retired math teacher who has fished all his life and lives on the North River just a few long casts from her confluence with the Deerfield. He has been fly fishing the Deerfield since the late 1980s. He has taught many how to fish with success and how to tie flies. Dry fly fishing is his first love, but he enjoys the most productive fishing subsurface, drifting nymphs and swinging wet flies. Eric has been a member of the Deerfield TU Chapter (#349) since the early 90s and was present at some of the meetings when the chapter was revived and rejuvenated. He aspires to continue the work of his predecessors in moving the Chapter forward as an effective conservation organization, one that values science-informed direct action as well as advocacy in collaboration with various partners.

Sheila Kelliher – Vice President

A resident of South Deerfield, Sheila is passionate about protecting and restoring the Deerfield River Watershed and recognizes the value and critical importance of doing so while respecting the natural world. She is currently pursuing a degree in Fisheries Science and Environmental Economics and Policy. She enjoys fishing, kayaking, snowshoeing, and bird watching along the Deerfield. She works at an environmental nonprofit helping businesses improve their environmental performance through energy efficiency and waste reduction. She also serves on other boards within the community such as the Deerfield River Watershed Association and the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership.  

Jason Hooper – Secretary

Jason grew up fishing the inshore waters of Charleston, SC and Amelia Island, FL. After moving to Western Massachusetts, he took up fly fishing for the first time. He was drawn to the Deerfield River Watershed Chapter of Trout Unlimited because of its commitment to science-based conservation in support of wild trout and their habitat. He teaches music theory at UMass Amherst, enjoys playing clawhammer banjo, and lives in South Hadley with his wife Alesia and cats Maddux and Murphy.

Brian Miner – Treasurer

As a Franklin County native, Brian has had a front-row seat to the transformation of many of our local rivers: the Millers River post passage of the Clean Water Act of 1972, the completion in 1980 of the Turners Falls Fishway at the Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center, and the sustained quality of the Deerfield River and Swift River. He is proud to be a part of an organization whose mission is dedicated to the long-term health of a local watershed. Besides fly fishing, he enjoys baseball, singing and playing guitar, and comics and animation. Brian also enjoys spending time with his wife Sue, their dog Tucker, and his adult daughters Emily, Danielle, and Sara.

Mike Vito – Past President

A Greater Boston native, Mike moved to the region in 1985 where, upon arrival, he’s been happily fishing the area rivers and streams. He has enjoyed several careers—as a newspaper reporter, aide to a Mayor and U.S. Senator, and his own communications and political consulting business. He enjoys hiking with his wife Anne and their dog Daisy.

Anthony Ciak (2021-2023)

Although Anthony is a native of the West Coast, his family’s roots in Western MA afforded him the chance to visit every summer growing up. As a long-time fly fisher, it wasn’t until he moved to Greenfield, MA in 2018 that he grew to appreciate the value of conservation organizations like Trout Unlimited. After finding out about the chapter through a friend, he quickly joined and is proud of the hard work and dedication the small but mighty Deerfield River Watershed Chapter invests to protect and preserve this unique angling resource.

Alan Sturmer (2023-2025)

Alan is an Executive Editor in Northampton, MA for Edward Elgar Publishing, a UK-based academic publisher of economics, business, public policy, and law. He specializes in working with authors to bring their research to publication and manages the editorial process in the US.  Alan grew up exploring the outdoors of Western Massachusetts and has been fishing the Deerfield River regularly since moving to Turners Falls in 2000. He has always been interested in the unique character of this area and is excited to be working with an organization that is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of one of its crown jewels.

Jim Krupa (2021-2023)

Jim graduated from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture in 1982 and has been working for the University of Massachusetts ever since. He’s been a research technician for over 30 years at the University’s research orchard. He was also a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary for 25 years before retiring.

Bill Obear (2022-2024)

For most of his life, Bill has been involved in environmental and conservation activities. He started recycling in the town of Whately and served two years as chair of the Franklin County Solid Waste Management District. He has always been volunteer minded, and when he learned about the DRWTU Chapter, he was excited to join. He loves fly fishing, fly tying, and briefly holding beautiful trout; however, he’s really drawn toward the behind-the-scenes work that makes this chapter special and keeps the Deerfield River healthy and wild. He’s participated in numerous chapter activities over the years, including the brown trout spawning study. He recalls being humbled and excited at first sight of viable trout eggs collected as part of the chapter’s field research.

Dan Lass (2022-2024)

Dan Lass was raised in New York State on a dairy farm that had a river running through it—the Neversink. Dan learned to fish and canoe on the Neversink, spending his free time with his brother exploring the river. He and his brother came to call the Neversink “their river.”  Their passion got them in hot water as youngsters after repeatedly removing survey markers for a road project that threatened “their river.” Dan came to Massachusetts in 1985, joining the Department of Resource Economics at UMass Amherst teaching and researching topics in microeconomics and econometrics, including topics on water resources. He is a retired Professor and Chair of Resource Economics, focusing his time now on fun! He and his wife, Libby Lass, enjoy hiking, birding, cycling, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, kayaking—whatever gets them outside. Dan is passionate about the existence of wild trout and spends many hours hiking to small streams seeking wild brook trout. He joined the Deerfield River Chapter within the past two years and is excited about the science-based work the Chapter does.

Randy Prostak (2021-2023)

Randy is a University of Massachusetts Extension Weed Specialist where he works with agricultural producers, green industry professionals and land managers to solve a variety of weed problems. Randy fell in love with fishing and the great outdoors at a very early age while fishing a small stream on his grandparents’ dairy farm with his father. Randy has been on the board for several years, including a stint as Board Secretary. Randy continues to be excited about the chapter’s various conservation projects focused on improving the Deerfield River watershed.  

Kris Van Naerssen (2022-2024)

Kris is an aquatic ecologist with 20 years of environmental consulting experience and has been a DRWTU Board Member since 2018.  As a wetland scientist, Kris has focused on a variety of natural resource assessment, permitting and ecological restoration projects throughout New England.  He has extensive ports and harbors, impacted sediment and fisheries management experience, and previously worked as a NOAA fisheries observer.  Kris completed his masters in freshwater conservation and is passionate about river restoration and dam removal projects.  In his free time, Kris can be found exploring the outdoors – fishing, hiking, running and spending time with his family.