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We are dedicated to advocating for the long term health of the Deerfield River Watershed as a cold water fishery.

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A Step Toward a Premier Wild Trout Fishery

Tireless, science-based effort by TU volunteers leads to an agreement for higher flows during spawning season Carefully picking his way up the Deerfield River, the angler suddenly stopped at a trout redd. The sight of the trout spawning nest in this river, which supposedly did not harbor wild, reproducing trout, wasn’t entirely surprising. Eric Halloran…

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October 2022 Chapter Meeting

Wild Trout in the Deerfield River at the DRWTU October 2022 Chapter Meeting by Adam Kautza Greetings DRWTU Members and Friends, This serves to remind everyone of the meeting tomorrow at the Crazy Horse Bar and Grill at Berkshire East.  This is our first indoor face-to-face meeting since early 2020, but you can also attend via…

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Fly of the Month – October Caddis

Trout’s last big meal before Winter – A closer look at the October Caddis When the first leaves fall off the deciduous trees at the beginning of fall, fly anglers should begin preparing for the arrival of the giant tent winged caddisfly. For it will become a major player on the trout’s food menu from…

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