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We are dedicated to advocating for the long term health of the Deerfield River Watershed as a cold water fishery.

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Fly of the Month – October Caddis

Trout’s last big meal before Winter – A closer look at the October Caddis When the first leaves fall off the deciduous trees at the beginning of fall, fly anglers should begin preparing for the arrival of the giant tent winged caddisfly. For it will become a major player on the trout’s food menu from…

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April 2022 Chapter Meeting

Magnificence, Mysteries, and Death: Geostories from Western Mass at the DRWTU April 2022 Chapter Meeting by Professor Richard Little An exploration of the unique geology of Western Massachusetts with Professor Richard Little of Greenfield Community College. This presentation was part of the April 2022 meeting of the Deerfield River Watershed Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Professor…

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May 2022 Chapter Meeting

Brook Trout Resilience at the DRWTU May 2022 Chapter Meeting by USGS Matthew O’Donnell Matthew O’Donnell, ecologist from the USGS Silvio O. Conte Research Lab in Turners Falls MA, reported on his laboratory and field research on survival of Brook Trout in warming streams. This is all very exciting and cutting edge in the field.…

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