Fly of the Month – October Caddis

Trout’s last big meal before Winter – A closer look at the October Caddis

When the first leaves fall off the deciduous trees at the beginning of fall, fly anglers should begin preparing for the arrival of the giant tent winged caddisfly. For it will become a major player on the trout’s food menu from September into November depending on your geographic location where it thrives. For us eastern fly fishermen, we’re referring to the Great Autumn Brown Sedge “Pycnopsyche”.

Emergence can occur from Mid-September into November. Although they’re always consistent with choosing a peak activity of hatching from late afternoon until dark. That being said, anglers fishing this hatch should concentrate fishing imitations during the evening and early morning hours, slacking off during the middle of the day unless you find you’re in an area where the hatch is so significant the fish key in and will feed on them all day.

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